DWI & Felony DWI

DWI cases have fast become a non-negotiable offense for many counties in Texas. In order to beat any DWI accusation, you will need top representation. 

Drug Crimes

Being accused of Possession of a Controlled Substance is one of the worst types of cases to have on your record. Potential employers will automatically label you an addict or worse if the case is on your record, regardless of the type of drug or circumstances surrounding the accusation. Our firm can help you beat these charges.

Weapon Crimes

The 2nd Amendment only extends so far. If you’re accused of any weapons crime, it is imperative to have this charge removed from your record. Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon can have severe consequences on your ability to own or purchase firearms in the future.

Assault & Domestic Violence

These cases are often referred to as Family Violence cases in Texas. Having a crime of Family Violence on your record can stop you from owning or purchasing firearms. This crime can also stop you from getting apartments, condos, and even home loans. These types of accusations can have far reaching effects for which you cannot afford. You need a law firm that has a history of winning these cases. 

Rape & Sexual Assault Crimes

Being accused of Sexual Assault or Sexual Assault of a Minor is one of the most serious offenses anyone ever faces. There are many differences with these cases compared to others; even the rules of evidence can be different. A law firm with a history of handling these cases is the only way you should fight these accusations.

Expungement & Sealing

Trying to clean up your record can be a daunting task. Let our firm take the reins and handle everything from start to finish. 

Murder, Homicide & Manslaughter

Anytime a person is killed, the State of Texas will come after you with everything it has. Often, a person dies because of an act of Self Defense or dies because of an accident. Defending these charges is what our firm’s reputation is based upon. These accusations can be fought with the help of a proven law firm willing to go to battle for you.

Military, Professional, or Student

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White Collar Crimes

Mistakes happen in business. But a mistake doesn’t mean you have committed a crime. We undertake several White Collar cases at our firm and have the resources to handle these complex situations.


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Even the smallest theft accusation can have a devastating impact on your life. Anytime an employer sees a theft accusation on your record, you can be certain you’re not getting the job. These accusations can have a far greater impact on your record than you ever imagined. Make sure the job is done and done correctly to put you in a position to succeed in life.

Family Law